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About Limehouse Marina Entrance:

The entrance lock at Limehouse Marina serves as a gateway between the River Thames and the tranquil waters of the marina. Boats enter the lock from the river, guided by skilled mariners who navigate the vessel through the narrow passage.

As the lock gates close behind them, boats are lifted or lowered to match the water level of the marina. This process ensures a smooth transition, allowing boats to safely enter or exit the marina without being affected by the tidal currents of the river.

The entrance lock is a bustling hub of activity, with boats coming and going throughout the day. Visitors can observe the intricate workings of the lock mechanism from nearby vantage points, marveling at the engineering feat that allows vessels of all sizes to access the marina's sheltered waters.

Limehouse Marina Entrance, East London

  • What you can expect from us...


    • Products are illustrated, printed and framed in the UK.
    • We ship Internationally.
    • We produce Giclée quality wall art.
    • Fine art quality paper (210gsm - 280gsm).
    • Delivery of our framed prints and canvases can take up to 1-2 weeks.


    We use black wooden frames as a standard, with a mount as shown in the first image above.


    External dimensions of our mounted prints are:


    A4 = 340 x 427mm
    A3 = 427 x 550mm
    A2 = 550 x 724mm
    A1 = 724 x 971mm


    Please be aware that colours may vary slightly from what you see on your screen, depending on your monitor settings.


    Any questions? Please email to discuss further.

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